• Nicole Sifers

Why Marketing is like Fashion: AKA Remember Those Sequence Hand Bags We Used to Carry Around?

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Six years ago or so, younger Nicole invested all of her money into U G L Y knee-high gray boots. Now, I am not talking about a nice suede gray fabric boot that Blake Lively could pull off pairing them with a casual T-Shirt dress (god bless that woman). Nor am I talking about grey as in Christian Grey wooing women all over the world. No friend, I am talking fake, plastic, gray, knee-high boots that I would wear out on the town every weekend. I STUTTERED in these boots like it was New York Fashion Week, walking in the Marc Jacobs headlining show.

Fast forward to earlier this month. I was laying in bed sick with a cold, so out of boredom and curiosity, I picked up my phone, went to my own Facebook page and started creeping on my old pictures (come on I know you do this too). That is when it happened. The picture of the ugly boots resurfaced, with the photo dating back to September 8th 2013. It was a night out with friends and a night out with the boots. I paired my plastic gray boots with black leggings and a sheer neon pink shirt, because what else would you expect. After dissecting my outfit I got instantly angry with my friends. How could they let me go out like that?! These were prime nights filled with meeting new people, going to new places, reinventing myself! How could they let me out of the house?

Okay so maybe I wasn’t that dramatic but I will still very concerned with my prior fashion sense. Today, I wear mostly neutral colors and I try to keep my look fairly simple, sleek and classic. Not because I don’t like fashion trends, but I know that quality classic pieces will do me justice until the day I die (truly you can never go wrong with dark skinny jeans, a casual white tee, and tan trench, just dress it up or down as you please).

Let’s pause here. You’re not crazy… I have not turned my business into a below average fashion blog, but hear me out: fashion has everything to do with marketing.

Each year… screw that, each day, there are new and interesting (odd) fashion trends making their way from Seoul to Milan to LA. From white skinny jeans, bow ties with casual outfits, one size fits all scrunchy shirts, and expensive jeans with sequence on the butt, these trends come and go quicker than I can go out to the store and spend an obnoxious amount of money on pieces I will not wear next month. Anymore, as I said, I try and stick with high-quality classics that will go with me to the next decade. Ones that I can wear in 20 years and look back on old pictures without cringing.

Now, marketing trends are the exact same. The world has moved online and so have marketing trends. With over 3.2 billion people online, your business better have a strong online presence to stay afloat in the ever-changing rapids. Online marketing moves quicker than your grandma asking if you have a boyfriend when you walk in the door Christmas day.

One day the industry is telling you that you MUST spend thousands on dollars on Facebook ads in order to get noticed. Tomorrow, the industry tells you to spend at LEAST three hours per day to grow your Instagram following, because that is the only way you will connect with the younger generations. The day after, if you don’t triple your Pinterest spend, you might as well not market at all. Lastly, you better budget for that new email marketing software that promises to grow your email list in 10 days by 300%.

Don’t get me wrong. All off these avenues are amazing and when utilised properly, can have an amazing impact on your bottom line. But that’s the thing, these are all avenues, or, let’s call them trends. These trends will come and go. Tomorrow, next year, ten and twenty years from now, online marketing is going to look completely different. The kids online in 20 years will laugh when they hear the word Facebook, and ask you why you hours doing this thing called tweeting.

To have a long term successful business you need to recognise what is a trend and what is consistent marketing. A strong marketing strategy embraces and welcomes trends, but stays consistent in the content produced throughout time. Your business needs to share authentic, genuine, and emotional content that connects with existing and potential customers. Strong content, that no matter where or how it is shared, will resonate and build a relationship with your audience through the power of words and storytelling. Connecting heartstrings, minds, emotions and people all over the earth.

Long term business success requires investing in quality content strategies that withstand and uphold marketing trends. In fashion terms, you need the quality classics that will uphold throughout time.

To your success,



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