• Nicole Sifers

Traditional Marketing VS. "Now Age" Content Marketing

Updated: May 4, 2019

One of my favorite traditions growing up was watching the Superbowl with my family. Although we never had a large party or anything, the energy in the room was still incredibly vibrant because of how excited my family would be for the big game.

Mom and dad would spend all morning cooking BBQ smokies, my dad’s famous baked beans, meatballs, assortments of bread and dips, and my all-time favorite, buffalo chicken dip that made my taste buds want to flamingo dance.

My dad was a committed football fan. He played throughout his whole life and prided himself on being a ride or die Kansas City Chiefs fan, so it made sense why Superbowl Sunday turned into a long-lasting family tradition. The rest of the family though, my mom, my sister, and myself included, were really just there for the snacks and to pick out the best commercial of the year; I guess that’s what happens when you’re in a family of mostly women!

I know for many families around the United States, perhaps your family included, the commercials were the main selling point of watching a FIVE-HOUR football game.

When Superbowl commercials were in their prime (I’ll be the first to admit I don’t enjoy them as much nowadays), do you remember how the Anheuser-Busch commercials with the horses and dogs that would make even the manly-est of men cry out for mom? Or how other commercials would make you cry laughing (a lot of tears here I know... what’s up with that), or lastly some of the commercials were just… weird… The ones that made you question how they even got on national television (but hey you remember them don’t you). Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

Companies were known to spend millions of dollars to have only 30 seconds of content played once during the Superbowl. But that’s all they needed to have a massive return on their investment. One 15-30 second commercial packed with a heart-centered story that made you laugh, cry, question your existence, made for massive revenue.

The fact that you saw a Doritos label pop up during a halftime commercial was not the trigger that made you go out and buy the family size bag of chips to eat alone last Friday night in one sitting. No.

The Doritos company told a story that connected with your heartstrings to some degree. And now that you have an emotional connection to the brand, you will forever be a Cool Ranch buyin’ lad.

I share this only to point out the power of storytelling, or content marketing, which is the center of this idea of “New Age” marketing; or, as I like to call it the “Now Age” marketing (you know, since pizza delivery cars now drive themselves I think it’s safe to say the future is here).

“So… what exactly is the difference between traditional marketing and "Now Age" marketing?”

There are many differences between traditional marketing and Now Age marketing, and I swear to not bore you with the details, but here is a high-level outline below:

Traditional Marketing:

  • Expensive

  • Campaign ends after a period of time

  • Outbound marketing strategy (you find clients)

  • Product, brand, or company, centered

  • Telling the customer what they need

  • The customer is dumb and uninformed

  • The customer doesn’t know what they want

  • Newspaper Ads, Billboard Ads, Print Ads, referrals, word of mouth, direct outbound mail

  • Paid for online Ads

  • Now Age (Content Marketing)

  • Close to free

  • Content marketing has no expiration

Inbound marketing strategy (clients come to you):

  • Close to free

  • Content marketing has no expiration

  • Inbound marketing strategy (clients come to you)

  • Customer centered

  • Content driven

  • Providing solutions & answers

  • Value added

  • Heart-centered storytelling

  • Connecting to new and existing customers through genuine human connection and emotion

  • The customer is informed and VERY smart with a world of knowledge at their fingertips

  • Written content, video, blogs, email marketing, digital media content

In traditional marketing efforts, what most business owners are doing now, you are chasing your clients versus attracting your clients with a content marketing strategy.

“Okay wow, I’d much rather have my clients come to me.”

Traditionally, business owners find many new clients through referrals, and their referrals, referrals (thanks Aunt Betty for sending over your lovely friend from knitting club, who sent over her friend Suzan from the Drink Wine and Do Yoga class). Today, not so much. Everyone is looking online for the answers to their problems and to search for the best business in town who can provide those answers.

Content marketing is how you get found today in the flow of people who are already searching online for you. Content marketing is how you differentiate yourself from the thousands of other professionals who are selling the EXACT same product and service as you.

Basically, your future clients are very smart and more than capable of learning on their own, this is precisely why traditional marketing trends are no longer as effective.

Traditional marketing is an outbound strategy where you are constantly on the search for new clients, whereas "Now Age" Content Marketing is an inbound strategy, where clients are coming to you.

Yeah, you read that right, customers are coming TO you. Sounds nice right?


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