• Nicole Sifers

How to Stand Out From the Online Content Clutter

Updated: May 4, 2019

Last Wednesday I picked up the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. You know, the woman who inspired millions of badass women all over the world to leave their average lives and travel with the book Eat Pray Love? Yeah, her.

I decided to start this book mid-week when my mind needed a massive break after the stresses of entrepreneurship noticeably caught up to me. It was a rainy night, I lit some candles and tucked into bed and started reading and let go of the day.

This book was so good I read it in about three days (as one does with a self-help book mid external crisis).

***I’m most certainly not perfect and I sure as hell am not trying to paint the picture that I am, so here is your daily dose of entrepreneurship honesty, some days are really. freaking. tough.***

Okay, pity party over, back to the topic.

Big Magic is all about being a creative in a world where technical skill and mediocre corporate jobs are the definitions of success. At the end of the book, I will admit I was

and felt as if I can take on the world with my art, and by my art I mean my business, my writing.

But the biggest piece of brain food I took away from the book was how every one of us, no matter who you are, your upbringing, your background, how you were raised, we are all creative creators, but somewhere along the lines, the world tells us that you won't be successful with your creative efforts so you might as well choose something more mainstream. AKA dim your light and choose an average job that will pay the bills. Sound familiar?

Mainstream society has pushed most people away from the arts as a whole.

I mean, don't get me wrong. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet didn’t cure cancer, and F. Scott Fitzgerald sure didn’t end world hunger with The Great Gatsby, but they were still so important in the shaping of our world and culture.

My mind got on the brain train of spirling thoughts and landed upon the question of why people are scared to create. We are so scared to do something different, to be seen, to fail. We think that our creations won't mean anything, that our creations won't be seen so it’s just not worth it.

The brain train continued and led me to “how DOES one break through all of the clutter online with their work to actually be seen?”

Let’s dissect that.

1: Authenticity trumps originality

One of the biggest fears with aspiring business owners, entrepreneurs, or honestly anyone in the game of taking control of life and pursuing what they truly desire, is the fear of originality. Or not being original at all I should say. That what we want to offer has already been done before, been done 1,000 times before, one freaking million times before.

Fear hinders most people from pursuing what they really want in life from travel to relationships to business, and the fear of not having anything original to create will quickly make people sink back into their soul-sucking day jobs without giving it a second thought.

I for one, am not original. There are thousands of brilliant content marketers out there who are all very, very good at what they do. But that doesn’t stop me from being fully booked out year round with high paying clients, and those thousands of other content marketers also being fully booked out. There is enough to go around.

Not only is there enough to go around, but potential clients out there are SEARCHING for your work done the way YOU do it, and only the way you do it. They crave to receive your art the way you deliver.

So what does all this mean? Authenticity breaks through all barriers so don’t worry about having an original idea.

Just do it, say it, express it and create it in a way that represents who you are. Share you already shared 10,000 times knowledge in your own voice, and that will be the first time it is ever truly shared.

Ew sorry… I hate how cheesy that is too.

2: Consistent content beats content clutter

In almost every celebrity interview I’ve watched where the athlete, movie star, or business owner, talks about how they achieved massive success, always has one common theme:

Success never comes from their natural ability to make a free throw every time, their natural charm or natural intelligence. Massive success always follows massive commitment and consistency.

You don’t win your first ever swim meet and then go to the Olympics the next day, you don’t go to the gym once and then be set to be the face of health and wellness for the rest of your life.

This idea goes for content marketing as well. Consistent content will build up traffic, brand loyalty, and you will be known as a leader in the industry, but none of that happens overnight and it all requires consistency.

With consistent content, you will break through the thousands of people online who do something once and give up.

3: Value added is the name of the game

So, you’ve been staying authentic to your voice, you are creating consistent content, but there is one last step. Your content needs to add value.

Promise me to never create something JUST to get something out there, to check it off your to-do list.

Make sure your content is well thought out, well planned, and useful to ensure your guest will keep coming back for me.

Truly, if you are writing in your authentic voice, and consistently practicing content creation, this process will not take as long as you think. The words will start to flow like robust coffee in the AM and you might even… dare I say it… enjoy the creation process.

What is your favorite strategy to stand out from the crowd?


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