Oh Gosh. Not Another Content Marketer...

It’s 8 PM and your day is finally starting to wind down. Red wine or your favorite herbal tea in hand, you open your laptop to start preparing for the work day ahead. You own your own business that you absolutely love and believe in, so it’s important you stay on top of things.


You are in this pivotal moment in your business owner journey of being ready to take your company to the next level, so many of your nights are spent doing hours upon hours of marketing research to find the best tips, tricks, and trends to scale your business.


But hell. You’re really exhausted. All of this work is taking you away from the sole purpose of why you even started this business in the first place. To do what you love, every. single. day.


That is where I come in.


If you have made it to this page you have probably come to the realization that marketing trends will come and go, just like the trend of gaucho pants that reappeared in mid-2007 (stop judging I know you wore them too).


You are aware that all of the top companies have a marketing strategy that doesn’t involve around paying thousands of dollars for ads, spending hours trying to figure out the latest social media platform, or relying on the hope that new customers hear about their business from their sweet Grandma Sally who supports them endlessly.  




You know the most successful companies to date have an unshakeable content marketing strategy. They are telling a story that emotionally, authentically, and genuinely connects the brand to its existing and potential customers.


That is why I am here.


I am here to help you be bold and break the mold in the marketing industry. Share the stories, not ABOUT your business, but the stories OF your business. Why are you here, why are you wanting to make an impact on the world, why is this so important to you. Tell the stories of your employees, who are they, how did they get here, why is this company so important to them. Share the stories of your start, of trying times, of fear and rejection and overcoming. Share the behind the scenes look most companies hide from the world as they try to paint themselves an un-authentic picture. Share the exciting, the wins, the triumphs. Share the stories that make you feel really freaking vulnerable. In the vulnerabilities, you will find a connection that translates into success.


There is no paid for ad, email campaign, newsletter or promotion that will ever convert without a compelling, vulnerable, authentic, and genuine message behind it. And when you are able to combine both powers, well, watch out world. Your business is about to take over.


To your success, 

Nicole Sifers

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