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I'm Nicole, a content marketer, travel writer, solo international explorer, and activist for conscious and mindful travel. Although I'm currently based in Denver, Colorado, I'll be honest with you - I'm probably browsing the web, booking my next flight to London, Bali, Cape Town, or Patagonia. 


I write, travel, and live on airplanes (I LOVE cheap airplane food and wine - don't judge me). 


Before you think, "oh god, not another travel blogger," let me explain. 


I like to think of myself as not your typical travel writer. Yes, of COURSE, I love to share with you my favorite destinations, travel hacks, and top tips for best immersing yourself in a new culture, but my goal is, and always has been, much, much deeper when it comes to my travel writing. 


Aside from the "where to eat, sleep, and stuff your face" travel articles, as Liz Gilbert puts it, It's been my goal to share the raw, genuine stories of the places I travel to, the people I meet, and what I experience. Along the way, I want to share the invaluable life lessons that have been thrust upon me. 


We've all seen the media, and the media paints a very, very scary picture of what is going on in other countries - even in our own. But through my travels, of course, you see the bad, each country has it, but you also see the really, really good. And you see the people who are responsible for that good. 


I want to use my skill of writing and passion for traveling to bridge the gap between what we see in the media and what is actually happening. I want to share stories of the impeccable people that make up these nations, and all the good that they're doing for the world. I want to show that we're all connected, we're all more similar than we are different. And yes, there is still SO much good to go around in the world. 


That's my promise to you - and the world. 


But, before we dive in, I bet you're wondering how a 25-year-old girl from Missouri ended up with 30 countries in her passport over the course of three years. 


Growing up, I never thought I would be the one to start a travel blog or any blog for the matter. The idea of a typical blog kind of makes my insides turn. But deep down, I knew I was always a writer. My mind has a way of stringing along words and telling a story that I am very, very grateful for. 


Soon after starting my journey, I realized a blog was the perfect place to put onto paper everything I was seeing, how my world view was changing, and clearing my mind from all the growth and transition was occurring from my travels. 


For those of you that are from other states and nations, the Untied States midwestern society teaches you that you go to college, graduate, get married by 24, have your first kid by 28, and be thriving in your office corporate career by 30. I never seemed to resonate with this midwestern way of thinking. 


Deep down, I've always had this knowing that there is way more to life, and I am meant to do much bigger things with my life than go through the motions of what society says I should be doing. I was always so confused because it seemed as if no one around me felt or thought the same thing. Was everyone really okay with doing, and feeling, the same thing every day, forever? Why was everyone so content to forego their dreams and big goals for a life of mundane?


In my mind, life was supposed to be and was going to be RICH. We all know life is short and sweet, so it should be full of deep emotions, spectacular memories, delicious food, and the passion and ambition to reach big goals. After graduating from college, I wasn't finding that richness in my hometown at my big corporate job. 


So, what did I do?


I quit said corporate job one year in, sold all my belongings, and bought a one-way ticket to Mexico City. From there, I had a plan to travel full time for a year while doing freelance content writing to pay the bills. 


One year of travel and freelancing swiftly turned into three years of travel, a blooming content marketing business, and 30 different stamps on my passport. 


I'm here to write about those destinations, the invaluable life lessons I've learned, and shed light on the beautiful places and people around the world that we simply do not get the pleasure of hearing about in modern media. 


Maybe, just maybe, I can give you a place to feel heard and seen, and to give you the confidence to know that whatever it is you want to do in life, no matter how big or wild it may seem, is totally valid. The only rules we have to live by in life are our own, so I'm here to encourage you to please - live BIG. 


Come explore with me, 

Nomadic Nicole 

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